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In this quirky chaotic rampaging 

Twin Stick Shooter adventure!

Shoot your enemies and solve tricky puzzles with Epic Elemental Weapons

  • Fire Spread Shotgun (3 shot Spread!)
  • Ice Beam (Sweep and Slow Enemies!)
  • Electro Charge Lightning Grenades (Bounce around corners and Explode!)

Suck up Bio-Ammo from fallen enemies and trash cans to charge your DNAtor gun

Rat Clean-Up. Solve puzzles and suck up the rats
  • Pace yourself between Sucking and Shooting
  • Create strategies to keep your weapon topped up
  • Suck to uncover collectibles and find hidden areas

UNLEASH THE BEAST! Our Hero: Dr Marcovio Transforms into a deadly... giant... SLOTH!

Were-Sloth Rampage! Unleash the Were-Sloth and turn the tide of battle!
  • Build up your Super Sloth Meter-Transform as your last resort
  • Turn the tide and destroy your enemies and environment
  • Heal while in Sloth form by defeating enemies


A wacky twin stick shooter/rampage style beat em up adventure, where the hunted becomes the hunter! Zombies ate my Neighbors meets Rampage meets Day of the Tentacle and it all gets beautifully messy.

Hope you all enjoy this prologue demo. Please note this is very early on in development and much of it requires polish and mega bugsquashing. 

Stay tuned as we have a ton more Slothtastic, twists, turns and surprises in store.

Background art from the fantastic Horror City Tileset by: PixelJustice



Shadow of the Sloth Demo 0.002 310 MB

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waiting full game 

this game hit my mind